All over the world, communities are getting organized to cancel rent, reclaim their workplaces, and build collective immunity from landlords, bosses and debt.

Put your efforts on the map here.


City-wide Efforts

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rent Strike Amsterdam | IG

Ann Arbor, MI
Traver Crossing Tenant’s Association | (734) 717-2156 | Email

Asheville, NC
UHOH! Unemployed Humans Organizing Help | Email | IG

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Survival Program

Austin, TX
Rent Strike ATX | (512) 200-7750 | FB | IG | Twitter

Binghamton, NY
Binghamton Tenants United | Email | FB | IG

Bologna, Italy
Rent Strike Bologna | FB | IG

Bozeman, MT
Rent Strike Bozeman | IG

Carbondale, IL
Rent Strike Carbondale | IG | Twitter

Champaign-Urbana, IL
Champaign-Urbana Rent Freeze | IG

Chicago, IL
Autonomous Tenants Union
Chicago Medical Autonomy
Tenants United

Columbia, MO
COMO Rent Strike

Concord, CA
Todos Santos Tenants Union | IG

Denver, CO
Denver Rent Strike COVID-19
Colorado Rent Strike and Eviction Defense

Durham, NC
Can’t Pay Won’t Pay DURM

El Paso, TX
Rent Strike El Paso | Email

Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff Rent Strike | Email | IG

Halifax, NS
ACORN – Nova Scotia

Houston, TX
Rent Strike Rights | (281) 706-2764
Houston Tenants Union | (281) 836-0331 | Email | IG | Twitter

Inland Empire, CA
Rent Strike IE | Twitter

Kent, OH
Kent Tenants Union

Kingston, ON
Rent Strike Kingston

Lansing, MI
Lansing Solidarity and Defense

London, UK
Rent Strike London

Los Angeles, CA
Canoga Park Tenants Union | IG
LA Tenants Union
Los Angeles Rent Strike | IG

Madison, WI
Madison Rent Strike 2020

Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants’ Union | IG

Minneapolis, MN
Rent Strike Twin Cities | (763) 294-5592
10th Floor Renters

Missoula, MT
Rent Strike Missoula/Keep Montana Housed | Email

Montreal, QC
Greve des Loyers

Nashville, TN
Rent Strike Nashville

New York, NY
COVID-19 Rent Strike | Email
Rent Strike NYC

Niagara, NY
Rent Strike Niagara Region | IG

Norfolk, VA
Tidewater Workers Union

Olympia, WA
Olympia Assembly
Olympia Rent Strike | Email| IG | Twitter

Ottawa, ON
COVID-19 Rent Strike Ottawa | (353) 883-5608 | IG

Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach County Tenants Union

Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Tenants Union
Rent Strike Philly | IG
Tools 4 Tenants | (917) 902-1826

Portland, OR
PDX Rent Strike | IG | Twitter

Richmond, VA
Richmond Rent Strike | Email | IG
Richmond Tenants Union | IG
Dodson Tenant Council/RTU | Email
Eagle Mill Rent Strike | (804) 554-4032
Pollard & Bagby Tenants Council
Richmond Tenants Defense Council

Rockford, IL
Rent Strike Rockford | IG

San Francisco, CA
Bay Area Rent Strike
Station 40
Tenant and Neighbor Council
Oakland Tenants Union
SF Eviction Defense Collaborative
Tenants Together

San Jose, CA
Serve The People San José | Email | IG

Santa Cruz, CA
Drop Rent Santa Cruz | (831) 471-7842 | IG

Seattle, WA
Seattle Rent Strike | IG
Puget Sound Rent Relief
Abbottsford Tenants | (352) 551-7149

Sherman, TX
Texoma Workers United

St. Louis, MO
STL Rent Strike | IG

Tidewater, VA
Tidewater Workers Union | IG

Toronto, Ontario
Parkdale Organize

Tulsa, OK
Rent Strike Tulsa | (918) 933-7241

Tucson, AZ
Tucson Rent Strike | Email | IG

Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver Tenants Union
Strike Vancouver | Email | FB | IG | Twitter

Victoria, British Columbia
Renters, Organize! Victoria

Worcester, MA
Tenant And Housing Association Of Worcester

State-wide/Regional Efforts
Nation-wide Efforts