5 Demands Global Hotline will help tenants, workers, prisoners, and those struggling to survive COVID-19 build and strengthen community bonds and find new modes of organizing. Our hotline will link people to their broader communities through local mutual aid initiatives, strike organizations, skills-building and direct care. Operators will advise callers seeking information and expertise related to rent and debt striking, labor and union organizing and healthcare.

You need not face this alone. We are striking out. With so much distance between us, it’s time to activate everything that connects. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, no matter the reason, we are here to help. Sometimes having someone to talk to is the best cure.

Call or Text: 312.883.4677

The hotline hosts three extensions
Operators are standing by for inquiries surrounding rent strike, labor organizing, and healthcare.

Rent Strike

The Rent Strike hotline will connect callers to local mutual aid networks, rent strike groups, and tenant unions while they build their strike.

Operators will offer advice and resources for new organizers to gain the skills necessary to meet neighbors and fellow tenants to build social solidarity and support people facing the threat of losing their homes.

In order to stay healthy, we have to stay home. Let us help you make sure you can do that. Whether you cannot or will not pay rent, we are here to help you stay sheltered and form safety nets. The more people who participate, the safer all of us will be. Together, we can overwhelm the systems that threaten our homes, our first line of defense against COVID-19.

General Strike

The General Strike hotline will direct callers to autonomous labor unions and ex-worker councils to help everyone employed and unemployed build power together.

Union affiliated labor organizers and informed operators will counsel workers through tactical steps for how to organize themselves and their workplaces.

To work is to assume tremendous risk. And while we are all essential, those of us working despite the pandemic must be protected and paid to reflect this risk.

Everything that forces us work in order to survive is on the side of COVID-19–that includes the Economy. That’s why we’re joining the call for a general strike to ensure that working people do their jobs on their own terms.

Health Autonomy

The Health Autonomy extension of the hotline provides accessible care for callers seeking consultation with medical professionals, herbalists, peer and grief counselors, and patient advocates.

Operators will offer telehealth, mental health and end of life care counseling, somatic body work consultation, and insurance specific aid to people navigating the labyrinth of the industrial care complex.

We aim to provide access to care where there is none, comfort and kindness where it’s lacking, relaxation and reflection when there seems to be nothing but chaos. These are unprecedented times and they call for innovative ways to take care of ourselves and each other. Let us help you so you can continue to help others.

Strike for our Lives

We cannot simply wait for a vaccine. If we want to have our basic needs met, we have to band together. We will develop the means to continue providing for ourselves and our communities through strike tactics and solidarity models in this struggle for immunity. We have the choice now to wait for relief alone, or to strike together for a better life on our own terms. This will be a process of grief and suffering–too many lives have already been lost–but we refuse to lose ours for the Economy to live on.

As working people, we are the foundational builders and makers of the world. We keep it running.

We must understand our strikes in the broadest possible terms. We can strike by not working. We can strike by not paying. We can strike by protecting each other from incarceration and bailing out those behind bars. We can strike by shutting down what holds us hostage to debt, environmental destruction, greed and ignorance. We can strike by caring for each other and our communities by gathering the necessary supplies, tools and tactics we require for survival and sharing them among us.

Give us a call. Send us an email. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for news to connect to the many groups already striking out.