5 DEMANDS GLOBAL is a resource hub to help tenants, workers, prisoners, and those struggling to survive COVID-19 build and strengthen community bonds and find new modes of organizing. Our hotline, databases, and toolkits link people to their broader communities through local mutual aid initiatives, strike organizations, and skills-building. The more the economy fails, the larger our networks must grow. It is time to activate everything that connects. It is time to get organized.

Our governments ask us to sacrifice ourselves for the economy, while we ask for nothing more than the ability to live free, healthy lives. The 5 demands are essential for our survival. We need health, rest, shelter and a world without debt or imprisonment. We demand immunity for all

Free Healthcare

Free testing, treatment, and medical care for all. We must be able to seek and access to preventative and emergency care without fear of debt or incarceration. With health insurance tied to employment, millions of newly unemployed people have lost access to medical care in the midst of a pandemic. Learn More

No Work

Work can only continue on our terms. Guaranteed benefits and expanded insurance for the unemployed. Paid sick leave, hazard pay and worker protections for essential sectors. Any essential service must adopt strict protective measures for workers and their families. Learn More

No Paying, No Debt

Cancel rent and mortgage payments, utility and bill collections and all debt payments for the duration of the pandemic. No work means no pay. The unemployed cannot be forced to choose between survival and settling their debts. Learn More

Free Prisoners

​​​​​​​Release high-risk inmates and those held on bail from jails and prisons immediately. Release all immigrants and asylum seekers held in detention centers. Provide care for those infected and adequate minimum distance requirements for remaining inmates. Prison cannot mean a guaranteed death sentence. Learn More

Homes For All

Shelter the houseless. Halt eviction proceedings. Sheltering in place is the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Open unoccupied homes and hotels to anyone who needs shelter. End the criminalization and sweeps of houseless encampments. Learn More